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Waiting for Holi

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

5 February 2021

'Holi' is an Indian festival of colour which signify the end of winter and arrival of spring. A day of spreading happiness and love through games of colours. This art piece hence is started with the memories of colour and fun.

What can better represent Holi than a woman. In this one sitting I complete the basic building block for the words forming in my heart.

Waiting to see how it progresses.......


23 February 2021

By this time what keeps surfacing in my memory is the colour on the hands in Holi. Twinkle in eye and hand painted with vibrant colours. Waiting impatiently to colour anyone who comes near. The loud roar of children laughing, adults joining in and whole sky filled with rainbow colours.


2 March 2021

Just a thought that is peeking in my mind. Holi has no orderliness..... So! Hair has to be bit messy or are they fine?

Let's see as I progress in discovering more about her.


9 March

All I can quote at this time is

"I fell in love with a world through her eyes".



27 April 2021

Finally nearing towards finish line.... if it is something an artist can define and mark.

I have seen myself journeying with her and learning about her so much that she feel so real to me.

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