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Adventures of Tom and Finn

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

4th May 2021

Today I started a new painting with the idea to explore childhood. Colours are a big part of my childhood and my kids. The concept of this painting was inspired by an incident back in the day when my boys were eight and five years old. One winter vacation, when we visited my parents, they had just finished painting the house. Every wall was fresh and shiny. Only some minor touchups were left. Kids had entered granny's house wide-eyed and happy seeing change as we were visiting after one year.

That afternoon mom and I were working in the garden and busy catching up with each other and were oblivious to the world. After an hour or so of being in the garden, a thought crossed my mind, "why haven't I heard anyone calling me or running up to me yet?" Silence for moms is more worrisome than constant chatter of kids. So I decided to check upon them.

The moment I stepped into the living room, what I saw made me speechless. A wall was staring at me with a splash of colours and distinctive paint marks. Whitewall with bold colours and irregular figures. For a moment, all I could see was the wall, and slowly then, my eyes moved towards the paint smudged faces of my boys. They seemed so happy and almost proud of their artistry. I couldn't decide what to say; no emotion could express the exact feeling of the moment. Finally, the only word that escaped my mouth was MOOOOOOMMMMMMM!

Hearing me scream, mom came rushing in, and after a moments pause, she stated, laughing. Seeing her happy, my kids joined in, and I stood there like a blank canvas. It took me a few moments to regain composure, and I asked kids why they did it? Then, finally, my little one, almost proud of himself and all hands covered in paint, says, "look, mom, we helped Nani (grandma) to paint walls".

Height of innocence was when he further asked whether he could also paint Nanu's (grandpa) clinic.

Little helpers, that's what those boys were that afternoon.

I am starting the art piece to capture this moment (although my face at that moment would have been a perfect masterpiece of work if someone had captured it for me ).

Progress of the work

Colours that fill the childhood

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