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Shipping Info

Shalluz art ships worldwide. Each art piece showcased by the artist is exclusive and many of them are fragile and heavy. The packaging is done by professionals and utmost care is taken to ensure that piece doesn’t get damaged in transit. 


Since each piece had its own specification for packing and handling, shipping costs vary significantly depending on the shipping address. Hence, for some of the works on our website, we provide shipping costs to the clients separately based on the location, instead of standardizing them and including them in the price of the piece. Such pieces will be tagged and you can contact us for the details.


Once we have agreed on the shipping costs and purchase transactions is complete, our team will be in touch with you regarding the shipment details. Orders are dispatched within one week of order confirmation. Clients are provided with an estimated delivery time. 

If any further information is required about the packaging and shipping policies, please contact us at

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